Monday, February 1, 2010

Saint Vincenta Maria Lopez y Vicuña

Feast Day: December 26

Saint Vincenta Maria Lopez y Vicuña was born at Cascante, Spain in March 24, 1847. Vicenta had a happy childhood. She was a daughter of a famous lawyer, reared in a Catholic home and educated in Madrid. She may have had a good chance of living a comfortable life yet she chose the way of austerity and sacrifice. Vicenta’s uncle was a priest while her aunt was a nun who founded a home for domestic servants. This perhaps, fostered her attraction to religious life. At 23, she too became a nun and organized a group of ladies to protect and promote the welfare of the working girls- This was the beginning of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate. Along with this, Vicenta Maria founded several foundations, technical training schools, hostels, canteen, and provided these working girls boarding houses while they are away from home. She was a mother and homemaker to them, helping and teaching them in the ways of the Lord.

Her congregation spread throughout Spain and other parts of Europe as well as in Latin America. She endured many trials and difficulties which she faced with courage and faith. Saint Vicenta Maria died on December 26, 1890. Sixty years after her death and through numerous graces obtained through her intercession, she was canonized Saint.


What could have prompted Saint Vicenta Maria to abandon a life of comfort and live an austere life for others?
In her desire to give herself totally to God, she gave up all that she had and all that she might have been. She love God abundantly (a love that she first received from God) and that love overflowed to her neighbors.


  1. i was adopted aso a baby,my birth mothers name was vincenta ann and she gave me the same name before she gave me up. twenty years later i named my first daughter maria....coincidence orsomething deeper???

  2. We are all part of God's plan. I believe there's no such thing as a coincidence, but there's such a thing as divine intervention.