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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas
Feast Day: December 6

Though he did not dream of becoming a bishop, Nicholas accepted it as God’s call and became bishop of Myra, in Asia Minor (Demre, Turkey).

Even before he became a bishop, he was known for his generosity.  He lived his life among the people and he helped them in every way he can. He made himself available to anyone.

As Nicholas served the hungry, the persecuted and those in desperate need, stories of miracles began to spread.  In an effort to emphasize his holiness, facts were embellished and his life’s stories became make-believe.  One story tells about how Nicholas toss a bag full of gold through the open window of a poor family.  The father had no money for a dowry which means that his daughters would not be able to get married and would likely have to be sold into slavery. Bishop Nicholas’ generosity saved the poor man’s daughters from that terrible plight.

After his death on December 6 345 A.D. many miracles were reported and the devotion to St. Nicholas spread.  In most parts of Europe, a custom to celebrate his generous heart was made at the eve of his feast day by anonymously giving treats to needy children.


St. Nicholas is known as a generous giver.  As a follower of Christ, he is emulating Christ's generosity.  He lived to be just like Christ. 

Christ is the reason why we celebrate Christmas.  So, let us put Christ back into Christmas for this is the greatest gift we can have this season.

Please feel free to share your reflections/inputs/insights in the comment box below.  Thank you and God bless!

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