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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Patron Saints (U to Z)

St. Ursula    
Feast Day:  October 21
Patron of Catholic Education; Orphans, archers, students
St. Valentine of Rome    
Feast Day:  February 14
Patron of Love
St. Veronica    
Feast Day:  July 12
Patron of Photographers

St. Victor of Marseilles    
Feast Day:  July 21
Patron of Lightning and Millers;        
  Patron of Torture Victims   

St. Victor the Moor or Victor of Milan
Feast Day: May 8
Patron of Varese, Italy

St. Vincent de Paul    
Feast Day:  September 27
Patron of Charities and Caregivers: Patron of Charitable Societies
St. Vincent Ferrer    
Feast Day:  April 5
Patron of Construction Workers

St. Vincent of Saragossa
Feast Day: January 22
Patron of Vintners       

St. Vitus    
Feast Day:  June 15
Patron of Actors and Comedians
St. Walburga
Feast Day: February 25   
Patron of Coughs, Dog bites; Sailors and Storms
St. Walter of Pontnoise (Saint Walter Gautier}   
Feast Day:  April 8
Patron of Prisoners of war (POW's); prisoners
St. Wenceslaus    
Feast Day:  September 28
Patron of Brewers
St. William of Rochester    
Feast Day:  May 23
Patron of Adopted Children

St. Winifred
Feast Day: November 3
 Patron of Virgins

St. Wolfgang    
Feast Day:  October 31
Patron of Paralysis and Strokes

Saint Yves (Saint Ivo of Kermartin)
Feast Day: May 19
Patron of Lawyers and Abandoned Children   
St. Zita    
Feast Day:  April 27
Patron of Servers, Homemakers and Single Laywomen

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